Beginning as a stand-alone burger joint back in 1982 in Houston, Texas, Willie’s served big juicy Icehouse Burgers and cold beer. Willie’s still tries to capture the feeling of a traditional Texas Icehouse while catering to Texans of all ages. Willie’s Grill | Icehouse prides itself as being a Texas original.

What’s the Problem

Willie’s lacks standardization between their locations in Texas. Multiple locations in San Antonio alone have a different look and feel. Another issue is that they don't communicate that they are a kid friendly icehouse with their current trademark.

Find a Solution

Logo Symbol

Convey Kid friendly

Willie the Longhorn was designed using these key words: Texas, Lone Star, Icehouse, Beer, Hamburgers, Beef, Cattle, and Steer. These words were derived from a mind map about Willie’s and young Texans were a big part of its creation.


Standardize Touchpoints

These trial applications were derived from research about icehouses and thinking about the needs of the customers. The domino is a gift card, the spice bottles are shaped like billiard balls, and the to-go bag resembles a six-pack.


Standardize Uniforms

The durable and comfortable uniform is flame retardant, helps employees comply with food safety practices, and stylishly shows Willie’s pride with its Texas attitude.

Standardize Signage

The environmental navigation was created to match other applications that were derived from research about icehouses and old-time nostalgia. The wayfinding signs are shaped like beer bottles and point the way. All other signage is shaped like a jukebox. The to-go parking sign shows a wagon wheel. The restroom signs show the symbols for male and female outhouses, and the menu is backlit like a real jukebox with menu items in the place of song and album names.


Color Study

R : 38  G : 22  B : 21   C : 62  M : 72  Y : 68  K : 79   #  261615

R: 38 G: 22 B: 21

C: 62 M: 72 Y: 68 K: 79


R : 110  G : 61  B : 31   C : 37  M : 72  Y : 93  K : 42   #  6E3D1F

R: 110 G: 61 B: 31

C: 37 M: 72 Y: 93 K: 42


R : 127  G : 21  B : 28   C : 29  M : 100  Y : 92  K : 37   #  7F151C

R: 127 G: 21 B: 28

C: 29 M: 100 Y: 92 K: 37

# 7F151C


Type Study

Britannic Bold   Regular

Britannic Bold


Baskerville   Bold



Rockwell   Bold









Gift Cards



Stationary System


Hero image from: superpages
Notebook mock-up provided by: Spoon Graphics
Baseball cap mock-up provided by: Zippy Pixels
3D Spice Bottle mock-up provided by: Don Allie
iPhone display mock-up provided by: Graphic Burger