Food Network is a unique lifestyle network that connects viewers to the power and joy of food. The Great Fish Cook-Off is an attempt to teach, inspire, and empower people to eat healthier through friendly competition.

What’s the Problem

A full 38% of U.S. adults attribute not eating healthy to lack of time and know-how when it comes to preparing healthy meals. Additionally, healthy meals carry the perception that they are costly.

Find a Solution

Logo Symbol


To change peoples’ perception about healthy eating, a healthier mark was created merging a fish with Food Networks’ dish shaped trademark. The reason: fish are loaded with nutrients important for the brain and body. In this way, Food Networks’ dish is the, “familiar made new” with the power to change the view of healthy food.

Point of Sale


An event showing participants how to rethink the way they cook and prepare delicious and healthy meals. Many touchpoints were explored with the cook-off to help the contestants. Anything from shelter, food prep areas, and protective garments, to plating the final dishes were explored. The diverse trademark can be used to accommodate just about anything.


Color Study

R : 180  G : 132  B : 77   C : 27  M : 48  Y : 79  K : 6   #  B4844D

R: 180 G: 132 B: 77

C: 27 M: 48 Y: 79 K: 6

# B4844D

R : 249  B : 236  G : 194   C : 2  M : 5  Y : 27  K : 0   #  F9ECC2

R: 249 B: 236 G: 194

C: 2 M: 5 Y: 27 K: 0

# F9ECC2

R : 1  G : 1  B : 1   C : 75  M : 68  Y : 67  K : 90   #  010101

R: 1 G: 1 B: 1

C: 75 M: 68 Y: 67 K: 90

# 010101


Type Study

Gill Sans STD   Ultra Bold Condensed

Gill Sans STD

Ultra Bold Condensed

Futura   Condensed ExtraBold


Condensed ExtraBold

Helvetica Neue   Condensed Black

Helvetica Neue

Condensed Black





Hero image from: The Cayman Reporter
Notebook mock-up provided by: Spoon Graphics
Food tent mock-up provided by: White Mocca
Banner image from: Farro