A pop music inspired fashion retailer. This ground breaking fashion company offers clothing, accessories, apparel, and music to girls and gals. Sorry dudes, this fashion company positions itself differently than its competitors.

What's the Problem

Most culturally inspired specialty apparel shops, that focus on genres of music, overlook the “girlie girl” crowd. They try to force a heavy metal, non-mainstream look onto young girls who are interested in the music that tops the popular charts.

Find a Solution

Logo Symbol

Attract a target group

Commercial Records trademark is the merging of the grooves in a record plane and the lines in a barcode. The barcode is also an ironic symbol of protest against capitalism, yet the form is very popular in current culture. It is also a well known symbol of commercialism, which pop music is known for.

Point of Sale


To help customers navigate their way through different store departments, the trademark was color coded and the type was replaced with the department name. This provides the customer an easy and intuitive way to find each section without losing their bearings.


Color Study

R : 17  G : 125  B : 212   C : 81  M : 47  Y : 0  K : 0   #  117DD4

R: 17 G: 125 B: 212

C: 81 M: 47 Y: 0 K: 0


R : 235  G : 49  B : 118   C : 1  M : 93  Y : 26  K : 0   #  EB3176

R: 235 G: 49 B: 118

C: 1 M: 93 Y: 26 K: 0


R : 244  G : 207  B : 0   C : 5  M : 15  Y : 100  K : 0   #  F4CF00

R: 244 G: 207 B: 0

C: 5 M: 15 Y: 100 K: 0



Type Study

Gill Sans STD   Bold Condensed

Gill Sans STD

Bold Condensed

Myriad Pro   Bold Condensed

Myriad Pro

Bold Condensed

Helvetica Neue   Condensed Bold

Helvetica Neue

Condensed Bold








Hero image from: Pnda Radio
Notebook mock-up provided by: Spoon Graphics
Banner image from: Condé Nast Traveller